Bringing Meaning to Your Holidays

Posted on
December 23, 2023
Written by:
Prof. Jay Bernardo
Bringing Meaning to Your Holidays

They say the Christmas season is the most meaningful time of the year and it holds true for us at the Bayan Family of Foundations. All throughout the year, our four foundations conduct trainings and conferences, publish research and case studies, and submit reports to our partners. December isn't any different, but there is the added pressure to finish strong, to rally everyone together and encourage introspection - to remind ourselves why we do what we do. After the rigor and hustle of development work, we look at the results and outcomes, and ask, are we truly creating a positive impact?

Because this is what the Bayan Family of Foundations is all about.

We try to find ways to impact millions. How do we start impacting millions? We don't believe in just donating money to the poor; we believe in teaching people how to fish. For years, Bayan has been concentrating on teaching different communities and people on how to scale up their businesses, especially those that are social enterprises.

And our job expands into different areas. Through Bayan Academy, we deliver education, entrepreneurship and employment knowledge and tools to the masses, to Filipinos from all walks of life. Bayan Innovation Group produces research and formulates strategies for communities, schools, government, and non-government organizations that are founded on facts, evidence, and relevant real-life experiences. Bayan SEARCH’s interventions, meanwhile, extend to grassroots communities and marginalized sectors, while Bayan EDGE aims to be the leading provider of business services and financial technology solutions to social enterprises.

There’s so much to look forward to, but before we march on, we’d like to pause and say thanks to you. We are grateful to everyone who has been a part of our journey - whether as a partner, employee, teacher, consultant, participant, ambassador, or as a supporter of social enterprises. You make our work worthwhile and you certainly make the world a better place.

At the end of the day, all of us have the same values and mission to be able to uplift people. We want to be able to maintain peace in our land. We want to be able to preserve our planet. And we want to lead more sustainable lifestyles for the sake of future generations. As a family, we believe that this is possible. We accomplish more when we're together, which is also a core belief that sustains and drives social enterprises and impact organizations.

As we turn our attention to 2024, we are excited for the meaningful partnerships and collaborations that will help us scale our impact. We hope you continue to support us as we work on building the nation from below. And again, on behalf of everyone at the foundation, thank you for being part of our family.


Prof. Jay Bernardo

President and Chairman, Bayan Family of Foundations