From Vision to Reality: Bayan EDGE and the BEBE Program's Path to Empowerment

Posted on
April 30, 2024
Written by:
Alwin Pulido
From Vision to Reality: Bayan EDGE and the BEBE Program's Path to Empowerment

Last year, the Bayan EDGE team revisited the core question: How could Bayan pursue a more impactful social strategy to enhance the well-being of its clients?

Driven by a commitment to give back to the community and to bolster social enterprise development, Bayan EDGE is pioneering a groundbreaking initiative: Bayan EDGE Building Enterprises (BEBE) Program. This innovative social franchising program allows Filipinos to become proud business owners. Through Bayan EDGE Building Enterprises, we're empowering social entrepreneurs to take control of their future and contribute to the growth of their communities. The BEBE Program offers comprehensive training, mentorship, and support, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their entrepreneurial journey.

Over recent months, the Bayan EDGE team has been diligently preparing for the launch of the incubation hubs, actively engaging with both the public and private sectors to cultivate strategic partnerships. Leveraging the support and extensive networks the Bayan Family of Foundations provided, they have made significant strides in securing valuable partners for this transformative endeavor. This concerted effort has yielded promising results, highlighting both the foundation's proactive approach and commitment to advancing social impact and building the nation from below.

The BEBE program had an organic evolution from its roots as a barber shop or salon venture, initially benefiting from the skilled graduates of Bayan Academy. As it progressed, the program expanded its scope to encompass a broader range of community-based initiatives and support for social impact projects. This evolution reflects a responsive approach, adapting to the needs and dynamics of the partner communities. The BEBE program demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and sustainable development by diversifying its offerings and becoming more community-centric. 

The BEBE program directly responds to the Bayan EDGE team's aspiration for a better community by providing support for social enterprises. As of the current press update, the inaugural group of trainees is anticipated to complete their training next month, just in time for their induction into incubation hubs. Here, they will receive comprehensive instruction on managing a diverse array of ventures, including salons, coffee shops, and food and beverage establishments.

Looking ahead, the Bayan EDGE team remains committed to advancing the goals of the BEBE Program. With the support of strategic partners from both the public and private sectors and from the foundations under the Bayan Family of Foundations, Bayan EDGE is poised to expand the reach and impact of the program, ensuring that even more Filipinos have the opportunity to realize their dreams of social entrepreneurship and community development.

The BEBE Program stands as a shining example of Bayan EDGE's unwavering dedication to social responsibility and inclusive growth. As the inaugural group of trainees prepares to graduate and embark on their journey as social entrepreneurs, the future is bright with possibilities. Together, we can build the nation from below, one business at a time.