Kasama Akong Magmahal ng Pilipinas: BFF and AFP inks agreement

Posted on
February 27, 2024
Written by:
Alwin Pulido
Kasama Akong Magmahal ng Pilipinas: BFF and AFP inks agreement

The military will not just be our defenders but also the country's impact makers. Aside from serving the people with integrity, strength, and patriotism, the military will also be instrumental in building the nation from below one camp at a time.

In pursuit of developing policies and programs that will enable the Armed Forces of The Philippines (AFP) to serve the country better, the AFP through its Deputy Chief of Staff for Civil-Military Operations J7, Major General Arvin R. Lagamon PA, and Bayan Family of Foundations (BFF) through its President and Chairman Prof. Jay Bernardo, recently signed a partnership agreement for a social development program dubbed Kasama Akong Magmahal ng Pilipinas or KAMP.

Through this partnership, select AFP camps will be opened and developed for civilian integration activities and community development initiatives through entrepreneurship. BFF, on its part, through its component foundations - Bayan Innovation Group, Bayan EDGE, Bayan Academy, and Bayan Search - will assist AFP in implementing KAMP in various stages, from planning the program components, sourcing the program component's required resources to delivering the same and synthesizing learnings.

The partnership agreement seeks to promote social cohesion, patriotism, and love for the Philippines to aid in developing a peaceful and progressive nation. Furthermore, by reaching out to the underserved regions of the country, this alliance will expand the reach of social entrepreneurship and skill development, ultimately boosting the local economy.

KAMP will highlight the growing significance of collaboration and mutual reliance between the public and private sectors in achieving the shared goal of generating significant initiatives to improve Filipinos' well-being.

"I'm looking forward to this collaboration. We will be able to accomplish more for our country thanks to AFP. Our armed forces have trained and experienced under similar conditions, so they have developed skill sets similar to those of an entrepreneur: a strong work ethic and flexibility in various situations. Equipped with the qualities of entrepreneurs, they are the best persons to teach entrepreneurship," said Prof. Jay, brimming with optimism.

BFF and AFP will create agreements following the AFP's established procedures to outline project-specific elements envisioned for KAMP in the succeeding months.